Astrology is a link between stars and earth

Astrology is a science that studies the alignment of the stars. Thanks to this analysis, astrologers are able to predict certain events in the future. It also helps to answer some of the questions that each individual has about different aspects of their lives. To understand the connection between the stars and the earth, it is necessary to know the origin of astrology. You will then know the relationship it presents with the planet earth or rather the human beings.

The origin of astrology

A link exists between the stars and humans. Indeed, humans use astrology to interpret messages sent by stars. The earth here tends especially to designate by living beings. Astrology thus makes it possible to know the effects of the stars on the human beings. She is interested in constellations, planets, suns, etc. It turns around all those who are in the sky. It is also often described as a divination art. His goal is to decipher the revelations delivered by the stars to predict the future. For this, the astrologist studies the positions of the stars in order to identify the trends of future events. It is also used to answer some questions. It allowed to answer questions on the personality differences, the evolutions met in different domains, the relations between the various elements of the universe of which the earth is part. Astrology therefore allows the earth to know the sequence of events. It allows him to fully prepare for any changes.

The correspondence between the stars and humans

This relationship is shown mostly through the horoscope. The latter is obtained through an analysis of the alignment of the stars at the birth of the individual and the evolution of his position over time. Depending on the measure of time used (day, week, month, year) the scope of this study changes. It takes into account the influence of the stars on the life of a person. Thanks to the horoscope, it is possible to define someone's characters. It can also reveal predictions about its future. These forecasts affect his private life, his love life, his work, and so on. According to the influence of the stars, an individual can thus know the astral atmosphere for the days to come. These predictions allow him to make the best decisions for his future.


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