Earth, vector of energy for clairvoyance

Who has never dreamt of knowing what the future helds? Indeed more and more people are feeling lost and are looking for the meaning of their life: so they call upon the divinatory arts. There are many kinds: astrology, numerology, tarology... These practices are often denigrated by the scientists because of their arcane appearance. Yet they helps many people everyday in comprehend their life more peacefully and have a more serene existence. Since a few years, a new kind of divination appeared in the occult world: it consists in predicting the future by tapping the forces of the earth.


The divinatory world is a very muffled world, which is regularly under fire: many people reproach it its lack of scientific founding. That is why it can be difficult to find some reliable source to get some information about the occult practices, especially when you do not know where to look for. So we wanted to put at your disposal a chatting platform about the divinatory arts: so you will be able to find on our blog all the last paranormal news, and also chat online with one of the biggest astrologists and diviners communities of the web.

Power of earth

The earth has a huge force, which has a great effect on the sequence of events. Many civilizations used to consider its as the mother of every form of life on earth: for example the Mesopotamians used to worship "mother nature" and respected it as one of their own fellows. Nowadays many people keep thinking that the energies of earth has a positive impact on the human being.

Extract earth's energy

Several persons are able to tap the energies of the earth, and use it to predict the future. This way of divination is marginal yet, because of the great capacity it calls for. So we gathered on our webiste a team of expert diviners, who are perfectly educated to practice this new kind of divination.

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